The e-Brochure is ideal for those individuals and organizations that feel that the Internet is an important tool, but are not ready for a larger commitment. The E-Brochure is great way to learn what is involved in promoting your organization on-line. The e-Brochure enables you to maintain an Internet presence without investing a lot of time and energy. Despite the minimal investment, the e-brochure can be used to establish a ranking in the search engines and traffic for a future site. Ask us how…  

This is a one page web page that is hosted on our (or one of our partner web-sites) web-site. Think of it as an extension of your business card or company brochure that includes all of the information you wish would fit on your business card. The e-Brochure gives your customers an on-line place to get the latest information on your company, products, services. It could even include maps and pictures of your products and services.

You can use this web address on your brochures, advertisements, business cards and letterhead. It gives your customers and other interested people a place to go a discover information about your organization on the Internet.

Corporate presentation

 It is estimated that every day over 30 Million Presentations are given. So how, in the world of corporate presentations, are you going to be the one who stands out from the crowd?

You have to make your corporate presentation and your message heard above all of the noise.

We have put together some of the best tips to help you:

Less is more.

You have lots to tell – you are brimming with enthusiasm – you want to pack all your information into a very short period of time. The problem is that too much information can be a real turn off. Simplify your message and your audience will be able to understand it.

Every picture tells a story.

Most corporate presentations are packed with bullet points. The problem is that bullet points are a very inefficient way of telling a story. In a presentation 55% of the way that we take in information is visual compared with only 7% for text (bullet points). If you use images to tell your story then you will have an immediate competitive advantage. And if you are wondering about the other 38% this is for vocal delivery

Don’t go it alone.

Resist the urge to do it all yourself. We can all use Flash for putting together an ad-hoc presentation, but a corporate presentation deserves better. Best to bite the bullet (if you’ll excuse the pun) and bring in a professional presentation design agency.

Dress for success.

You wouldn’t present wearing a shell suit – so make sure that you are dressed correctly. Generally speaking it is better to dress on the smart side.

“Life is a stage and we are just players on it”.

When we go up to present we put ourselves on display. The audience will be looking at us – often in intense detail. Ensure that you have covered off the finer points – hair brushed, shoes cleaned, clothes ironed, nails cleaned and clipped.

Winging it.

It is so easy not to prepare. There are never enough hours in the day – and besides all the best speakers can just stand up and give a great speech. The problem is that they have had years of preparation. The sad truth is that as with most things in life you take short cuts at your peril. Rehearse & you will get better.

Virtual reality walk through.
& 2D & 3D Animation.

TECHNOLOGY/A groundbreaking research, the Alpine Inc. allows an observer to walk, run, jump or crawl through a virtual world while immersed in ever-changing images.

WALKING through a virtual world has only been possible in futuristic space-based adventures such as Star Trek – until now! ‘Alpine Inc.’ develop the fantasy closer to reality, so it allows a person to move around inside a virtual environment in a very natural way.  

India has a rich galaxy of 23 World Heritage Sites that includes 18 cultural and 5 natural heritage sites. These heritage sites are also the major tourism attractions of the country and deserve to be widely publicised. The conventional methods of publicity, namely brochures, booklets, CD ROM’s and films are not able to present the richness of the site in depth. A conventional CD-ROM gives a detailed pictorial/textual information regarding a subject.
CD based training and learning system. & E-Learning

 Alpine Inc. is a premier provider of e-learning technology, online learning solutions and self-paced training courses to corporate, education, government and individual clients.

Alpine Inc. has filled the demand for self-paced learning. As progressing technology has opened new e-learning platforms, Alpine Inc. has remained at the forefront. Alpine Inc. developed multimedia-based training courses on interactive CD, and is now one of very few e-learning companies to deliver consistent, high quality instruction online using streaming media technology.

Alpine Inc. has built its reputation over the years by delivering courses of the highest production quality and adhering strictly to learning objectives. The clear, solid instruction featured in all Alpine Inc. courseware cuts the time and lowers the cost of gaining proficiency in a new software program, certifying in an information technology field or acquiring the interpersonal and business skills necessary to fulfil the needs of customers.

Alpine Inc.’s “Learn From the Experts” instructional philosophy capitalizes on the skills and knowledge of professional trainers, best-selling authors and nationally recognized seminar lecturers to bring expert instruction to customers. For the past few years, Alpine Inc. has followed that philosophy to deliver effective e-learning solutions to organizations and consumers around the globe.

Price Guideline

By outsourcing your web development and other IT projects to Alpine Inc. you will save more than 50% on your project costs.

Our Basic Price Guideline

› For website designing project- starts from $10 per hour
› For coding/programming ASP, JAVA, PHP, JSP, VB- starts from $12 per hour
› For data processing related work- starts from $3 per hour
› For web promotion- packages starts from $250 for one time submission and    reporting
› For web hosting- basic packages starts from $50 per year

Fixed Price/ Fixed Time Approach

Usually the customer is asked to fill in a Request for Quotation form, providing a detailed project description. An assigned Alpine Inc. project manager elaborates and clarifies project details with the customer by e-mail/online chat or phone.

Upon completing a specification that is agreeable to both sides, Alpine Inc. will provide the required budget and time frame. When the customer agrees to the created project estimate and working plan, the project implementation phase will begin.

This approach is preferable for closely specified – fixed projects that require minimum involvement from the customer ‘s team.

Time and Material Approach / Hourly Price

This is the scheme of collaboration in which Alpine Inc.’s development, design, and testing staff work as a virtual extension of the customer’s team. In other words, we provide the client with a fixed work resource for a fixed payment. Usually the client will assign tasks to be fulfilled by the resources we provide. As a rule, the customer receives a regular report on the work being done.

This approach is preferable for relatively large projects with continuously changing specifications, and for projects that require project management from the client’s team. This is also preferable for back office operation contracts.

We believe that the best way to gain a firm level of confidence and get acquainted with our approach is to provide a small pilot project for Customer that could be performed at a discounted charge.